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Oak Surrogacy Agency in Canada: All what matters is love

We are a boutique surrogacy agency in Canada that work with everyone who would like to build a family through surrogacy. We believe that everyone has the right to have an own familiy, regardless of whether the intended parents are single, hetero- or homosexual. There are no walls when it comes to being a parent. We take our PRIDE seriously.

Is Surrogacy in Canada legal?

Surrogacy in Canada is legal and regulated by the country of Canada, but every province has their own approach.


Canada is a very attractive country for several reasons:

  1. It has a public health system. 
  2. The parentage of the child born through surrogacy is determined by a court decision after birth. 
  3. The baby obtains Canadian nationality at birth, and then the intended parents must apply for their own nationality. 
  4. All family models are allowed: LGBTQIA2S+, heterosexual couples and singles. 

Why Oak Surrogacy agency is the best option for you?

First-hand surrogacy experience

Our surrogacy agency in Canada has been created by parents who have had a baby through surrogacy and by a wonderful woman who has been a surrogate mother in Canada helping several families to fulfill their dream.

Family orientated business

Here at our agency we want to have a transparent relationship with all of you, surrogates and the Intended Parents. We are very much a family orientated business that wants you to have the best experience to make your journey amazing.

Wide base of surrogates

Our extensive experience has allowed us to have a broad base of women who collaborate with us in order to be able to help families who wish to have a baby.

24/7 support with staff and trained professionals

We meet your needs. Whatever your time availability is, we will make sure that our partners in Canada take your needs into account when arranging telephone meetings.
We are available 24/7 for support.

Personalized attention

We know that your personal situation is unique and therefore we will study your particular case offering the safest solution for you.

And more...

- Pre-screening of surrogates and intended parents. - Connecting with professionals to make your journey smooth - We assist with profile creation - Reimbursement management

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Click here and find out more information

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