How to become a surrogate in Canada? Requirements and qualifications

All you need to know about becoming a surrogate

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Here’s what you need to know:


Must be between 21 and 45 years of age


You must be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident

Biological child

This is an important requirement, as it guarantees that you are prepared to give life to a new baby

Medical history

When choosing the surrogate, the first thing we consider is the medical history, as this will minimize possible complications during the pregnancy

Previous pregnancies

We will check that your previous pregnancies have been normal and without complications. For this, it is essential to provide the necessary medical certificates and a detailed report indicating that you do not have any type of infectious or genetic disease

Criminal record

It will be verified that you have not had any altercation with the law

Drugs and alcohol

No drug/alcohol abuse for at least 3 years

Body Mass Index

Have a healthy BMI (every clinic has their own guidelines and will work within their requirements)

Cesarean section

Must have less than 4 cesarean births (any more than 1 cesarean can disqualify you from certain clinics )

Physical and mental health

Be in good physical and mental health


Be a non-smoker or at least be prepared to abstain during pregnancy

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Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR)

Oak Surrogacy follows the canadian guidelines of AHR

FAQs about being a surrogate

Is being a surrogate worth it?

I myself have experienced first hand what it feels like to be a surrogate and I have already gone through 3 surrogacy journeys. It is a wonderful journey and it is hard to explain what it feels like to help other families to become parents (Tammy Ripley, CEO Oak Surrogacy)

What are the risks of being a surrogate?

The risks you may have are the same as those that can occur during pregnancy: miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or other gynecological complications

Can any woman be a surrogate?

Not all women are eligible to become a surrogate. As we have already mentioned above, there are some requirements to be met

What do you need to do to be a surrogate?

If you want to become a surrogate and you think you meet the requirements, do not hesitate to contact us and we will explain in detail everything you have to do, step by step

Is being a surrogate legal in Canada?

Yes, it is totally legal

What disqualifies you from being a surrogate in Canada?

There are many requirements that could disqualify you, including your citizenship, age and medical history

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