Words from Oak Surrogacy CEO

Hello! My name is Tammy Ripley,  CEO of Oak Surrogacy LTD. I am located in the small town of Stettler Alberta Canada. 
I am a wife to Rob and Mom to my 2 kids Hailie and Ash.  These 3 have been my biggest cheerleaders in  my journeys and everything I have achieved in my life. Always being in my corner. 
This brings me to Surrogacy. My surrogacy started 5 years ago when I became a surrogate. This was the most amazing experience of my life outside of building my own family. I loved it so much I gave birth again, creating and finishing  2 more families. Saying I was done was not what I wanted, so here I am on journey number 4. YES my final journey this time.
My career was also based around building families. In 2019 I became a birth doula. Birth is everything. Being a support has been heart warming in every way.  During 2019 I also started my career working in surrogacy agencies as support and then moving up to COO in another agency. 
When leaving my second employment I had a goal. I was not done in the industry. It was time I followed my heart and developed the newest agency.  This is where Oak Surrogacy LTD started. 

Tammy Ripley 
CEO Oak Surrogacy Ltd